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IEEE GRSS 2014 Symposium Prize Paper Award

Dehong Liu and I had the great pleasure to receive the IEEE GRSS 2014 Symposium Prize Paper Award last night, during the IGARSS 2014 Awards Banquet.

The award is presented to “recognize the author(s) who presented at the GRSS Symposium (IGARSS) an exceptional paper in terms of content and impact on the GRSS. In selecting the paper, other factors considered are originality, clarity and timeliness of the paper. The published versions of the papers in the Digest shall also be evaluated.” (source, warning: word document).

The award was given for [1], which Dehong presented last year in Melbourne. We are really grateful to the society for recognizing the significant impact compressive sensing can have on SAR systems, when appropriately implemented.


D. Liu and P. T. Boufounos, “Synthetic Aperture Imaging Using a Randomly Steered Spotlight,” Proc. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Melbourne, Australia, July 21-26, 2013.

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MERL Opening in Sensing

We are very happy to have a new opening at MERL in the area of signal acquisition and sensing. MERL is a stimulating place to work with very talented staff and great research output. One of the few industrial research labs still encouraging fundamental research, engagement with the academic community and publication of our results. […]

Internship Openings

We have a new internship opening at MERL:

MM721: Depth sensing

MERL is looking for a well qualified individual to work on novel technologies for depth sensing. The ideal candidate will have background on computational imaging and/or compressive sensing. Hands-on hardware prototyping and programming experience is a plus. The work will involve both theoretical and […]