Internship Opening: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

We have a new internship opening at MERL. As I have mentioned before, MERL is a great place for research. We are a very diverse lab, with expertise in a large variety of disciplines. Our relatively small size enables very fruitful interaction among us. This internship is the result of this interaction. It is for a very exciting project, combining nonlinear dynamics and control with sensing. The listing follows.

MM894: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

MERL is seeking a motivated and qualified individual to conduct research in dynamics and control. The ideal candidate should be a senior Ph.D. student and have solid background in model reduction of PDEs, stability analysis & observer design for nonlinear systems of ODEs. Knowledge of adaptive control techniques and/or sensing methods such as compressive sensing is a plus. The candidate should have some experience in Fluid Dynamics. Publication of the results produced during the internship is expected. The duration of the internship is expected to be 3-6 months. Start date is flexible.

Please spread the word and apply on our internship website, here.


Internship Opening: Sensor Fusion

We have a new internship opening at MERL in the area of sensor fusion. The posting follows:

MM880: Sensor fusion

MERL is looking for a well qualified individual to develop novel technologies for sensor fusion. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in depth sensing, computer vision, and/or image processing. Familiarity with calibrating optical […]

IEEE GRSS 2014 Symposium Prize Paper Award

Dehong Liu and I had the great pleasure to receive the IEEE GRSS 2014 Symposium Prize Paper Award last night, during the IGARSS 2014 Awards Banquet.

The award is presented to “recognize the author(s) who presented at the GRSS Symposium (IGARSS) an exceptional paper in terms of content and impact on the GRSS. In selecting […]