New Opening at MERL

We have a new opening for a member of the research staff at MERL with emphasis in compressive sensing. MERL is a stimulating place to work with very talented staff and great research output. One of the few industrial research labs still encouraging fundamental research, engagement with the academic community and publication of our results. […]

Binary Stable Embeddings for 1-Bit CS

Our paper on 1-Bit compressive sensing and binary stable embeddings has now been updated [1]. You can find it on arXiv or here. The new version strengthens some of the results and incorporates discussion on how our work relates to recent activity in the area since it first appeared. It turns out that 1-bit CS […]

Publications list update

Thanks to the Papercite plugin for WordPress, my publications list has been revamped! It is now automatically sorted by date and provides BibTeX entries automatically! All I have to do is provide a (cleaned-up) BibTeX file with my publications! Papercite also allows me to cite my papers in my posts (e.g., see my page on […]