Internships at MERL

The summer is fast approaching and MERL is having a number of internship positions. MERL’s website has details on all the openings. Here I am listing the two most related to Compressive Sensing and projects I am working on.

While we are at it, if you are looking for a permanent position, check out our openings.


Position ID: MM565
Job Description: MERL is looking for an intern to work on multi-channel source separation and localization. Responsibilities will include collaborating with MERL researchers to derive and implement new models and optimization methods, conduct evaluation experiments and prepare a publication. The ideal candidate would be a Ph.D. student with experience with microphone arrays, audio signal processing and compressed sensing. Experience in dictionary learning, probabilistic modeling, and/or non-parametric inference is a plus. The duration of the internship is expected to be 3 months.
Contact:   Jonathan Le Roux
Email:   leroux [at] merl dot com
Research Area:   Multimedia


Position ID: MM578
Job Description: MERL is seeking a highly motivated intern to conduct research in the area of depth sensing with focus on compressive sensing. Experience in compressive sensing is expected, while experience with array processing or depth sensing systems is desired. Internships typically last 3 months, and result in one or more publications. Please mention position number in the subject.
Contact:   Petros T. Boufounos
Email:   petrosb [at] merl dot com
Research Area:   Multimedia