New Openings at MERL

We are happy to announce several new openings for MERL’s sensing team. As I always like to mention, MERL is a great place to work, and has a great research environment. We are a very diverse lab, with expertise in a large variety of disciplines. Our relatively small size enables very fruitful interaction among us. Even within the computational sensing team, the diversity is evident in these openings.

One of the openings is for a postdoctoral researcher in signal processing, with particular emphasis on signal acquisition and active sensing technologies. We are looking for a person to assist us in a number of very interesting sensing projects, with several publications and patents expected. The posting here:

We also have several, more specific, internship openings in sensing, processing and control, all listed below. Interns are typically involved in one project, guided by one or more researchers. We expect that the work will lead to at least one publication and/or patent for each internship.

Of course, there are several internship openings in other areas, including speech, vision, control, and machine learning, which you can find here:

and postdoc/full-time positions here:

Please spread the word and apply!