Update: Papers from SampTA and SPARS

SampTA 2013 and SPARS 2013 are back to back (almost) next to each other and I am fortunate to participate in both. They are very interesting events and always gather a great group of people.

This year I am presenting work on measuring and recovering sparse signals using phase measurements. In both papers [1, 2] […]

Site Update: ICASSP Tutorial Slides and ICASSP papers

In the midst of ICASSP, and having completed the tutorial on modern quantization, two updates on this website:

The page with resources on quantization has been updated to include the slides from the tutorial. We are planning to keep updating this page, so please e-mail me suggestions! My publications page has been updated to include […]

New position: Compressive sensing for structural health monitoring

The Structural Dynamics Research Group, part of the Department of Civil Engineering in City University London, has a new opening related to compressive sensing. Specifically, the group is seeking to appoint an outstanding Research Fellow in the field of signal processing/compressive sensing as part of a research grant by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research […]