New page: Resources on Quantization

Laurent Jacques and I are preparing a tutorial for ICASSP 2013 on Modern Quantization Strategies for Compressive Sensing and Acquisition Systems. Our goal is to present and discuss all the exciting recent developments in the area of quantization with focus on modern acquisition systems. We aspire to expose all the body of recent work, the […]

Coding of Signal Distances

The Data Compression Conference (DCC) 2013 is happening right now, and tomorrow I’ll be presenting a new paper that I co-authored with Shantanu Rane titled “Efficient Coding of Signal Distances Using Universal Quantized Embeddings” [1]. This is continuation of earlier work on coding of distances [2].


P. T. Boufounos and […]

Publication List Updated

After another long delay I the publication list is now up-to-date. Here is a list of the updates:

A number of submitted papers are now accepted or published (e.g. [1, 2]). Three old ICASSP papers [3, 4, 5] have since appeared on IEEE Xplore. Links and bibtex have been updated. Added an International Geoscience and […]