Publication List Update: Signal Representations and Embeddings

I finally managed to find some time to update my publications list with papers that appeared near the end of the summer. The first set of papers extends our work on signal representations and embeddings and reinforces the importance of embeddings in signal representation applications.

As I have mentioned before, embeddings have been proven very […]

Update: Papers from SampTA and SPARS

SampTA 2013 and SPARS 2013 are back to back (almost) next to each other and I am fortunate to participate in both. They are very interesting events and always gather a great group of people.

This year I am presenting work on measuring and recovering sparse signals using phase measurements. In both papers [1, 2] […]

Site Update: ICASSP Tutorial Slides and ICASSP papers

In the midst of ICASSP, and having completed the tutorial on modern quantization, two updates on this website:

The page with resources on quantization has been updated to include the slides from the tutorial. We are planning to keep updating this page, so please e-mail me suggestions! My publications page has been updated to include […]